Flagler Monument Island

Flagler Monument Island Is an almost secret hideaway tucked amongst the spectacular small islands located between Miami and Miami Beach. The island offers a sandy beach with clean shallow water surrounding the island. The area is perfect for jet skiing and kayaking. On any given day you may have boats surrounding the island, see a small sailboat regatta, witness a jet ski guided tour taking place or just see folks floating in the water off of the island relaxing. The obelisk shaped monument with allegorical sculptures at its base stands as a memento to Miami pioneer Henry M. Flagler, who died in 1913.

Pace Picnic Island

Create your own adventure or escape on within reach of Miami across the bay with this hidden gem. The island offers a sandy beach with clean shallow water surrounding the island with a clear view overlooking Miami's downtown. Amazing place to spend the day with family and friends just fire up the grill with a cold beer in hand, wildlife and scenery is written all over this one!

Haulover Sandbar

Haulover Sandbar boaters come by the drove, hundreds on a weekend. There is no shortage of music and groups of folks having fun frolicking in the clear water. The sandbar has a sand shoal that surfaces during low tide. The sand rises up out of the water exposing beautiful clean sand for all to enjoy … as if it were your own island oasis right in the middle of the ocean water.

Nixon Sandbar

Nixon Sandbar Miami's primer boating spot on Sundays! This nice sandbar just south of bear cut, a quarter of a mile south of Key Biscayne. This Sandbar depths varies from as much as 3 feet to as little as 6 inches depending on low tide. This is a great place to tie up to a few boats have a BBQ and hang out in the water. Here is a cool fact: Nixon beach is named after president Richard Nixon. Why you ask? Well the sandbar runs parallel to his old house on Key Biscayne so its pretty cool when you anchor up you see this beautiful house on its own little peninsula where a president used to live.

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